Family Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Dumfries, VA

Sometimes, you cannot wait for two weeks to see a dentist. When you have an abscessed tooth, you need care right away. For an emergency dentist in Dumfries, VA, who is available after hours and on weekends, turn to Dumfries Dental Arts.  We pride ourselves on providing emergency dental care when you need us.

Call Our Phone Line for Emergency Dental Care

Many types of dental work can be scheduled weeks or even months out - routine checkups, teeth whitening, or veneers. However, some problems require immediate attention - getting a blow to the mouth, suffering extreme pain, or experiencing an infection. We have an emergency phone line that is staffed 24/7. Call our emergency dental clinic for immediate assistance.

You may be in pain or be suffering from a problem, but are not sure if it is an actual emergency. Call our office to talk to our family dentist. He lets you know if you need to come in right away or if there are measures you can take to ease your pain.

Emergency Dental Clinic for Immediate Attention

Root canals, broken teeth, cracked crowns—these are all problems that require immediate attention. Our practice is ready to take care of your dental emergency. Reach out to us for an appointment from our same-day dentist. We build flexibility into our schedule so we are available to provide urgent dental care when patients need us. In addition, we offer Saturday hours.

Same-Day Dentist Eases Pain & Suffering

Do you need to see a dentist that same day? We make time in our schedule for patients who require urgent care. Waiting often makes the problem worse. The sooner that you see our dentist, the sooner you have relief from pain and worry.  Pain, infection, and discoloration are signs that your teeth require care right away. Put your health first by seeing our dentist right away.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Dumfries, VA

Urgent Dental Care from Experienced Dentist

You do not have to be one of our regular patients to ask us to help you with a dental emergency. We are here to help all patients in pain and need. A toothache, a decayed tooth, an abscess require care or the condition and pain worsens the longer these matters are left hanging. Come into our office for gentle care from an experienced dentist with more than 15 years of experience.

Contact us today for immediate treatment of your dental emergency. Our dental practice serves patients in Dumfries, Woodbridge, Triangle, Montclair, and Quantico, Virginia.