Dental Veneers

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Veneers in Dumfries, VA

No one is perfect, but perfect looking are within reach thanks to modern dental techniques and products. No longer do you have to hide your smile if you feel your teeth are not as attractive as you would like. The solution is at hand in the form of dental veneers in Dumfries, VA. This method uses a very fine layer of almost clear porcelain, which is very strong and durable and covers any flaws in your teeth.

Improving a Wide Range of Issues 

Our dentists at Dumfries Dental Arts is well prepared to help you get the uniform and remarkable teeth you want. The veneers we provide can conceal a wide range of problems which are either due to wear and tear or natural growth issues. We have treated a large number of patients who have chosen porcelain veneers for teeth which are:

• Chipped
• Misaligned
• Broken
• Spaced Far Apart
• Worn Down
• Uneven
• Misshapen

Blonde Woman at the Dentist in Dumfries, VA

A Simple and Effective Solution 

One of the most beneficial features of deciding to have this procedure, apart from your improved smile, is that it’s a quick and simple solution. The dentist initially takes a small bit of enamel off your teeth equal to the width of your veneer. He then takes an impression which is sent to the lab for the new veneer teeth.

Once the veneer returns from the lab, it’s placed on your teeth so the dentist can check it for fit and color. After any necessary trims are complete, the veneer is color-matched with dental cement.

As preparation, your tooth is cleaned, polished, and etched to provide an effective bonding surface then the dentist cements your veneer in just the right place. The veneer is cured, any extra cement is removed, and it’s checked again for fit. You are then ready to dazzle the world with your smile.

An Option for Minor Repairs

You may need dental repairs which do not call for a filling or crown, in that case, dental inlays are likely the best option for you to consider. They are less extensive but still a very effective choice for those cases which call for a slight filling between the cusps on a tooth.

If you need your tooth cusps completely covered, then a dental onlay is the procedure which will work best. Our dentist will help you make your choice between the two procedures after an assessment of the condition of your teeth.

Contact us to book an appointment or to learn more about dental veneers. We proudly serve patients in Dumfries, Woodbridge, Triangle, Montclair, and Quantico, VA, and the surrounding areas.