$999 Dentures

Dentures in Dumfries, VA

We want you to have a mouth full of beautiful teeth. When your own teeth have been removed due to decay or damage, we recommend dentures in Dumfries, VA, as a cost-effective alternative. Schedule an appointment with the denture dentist at Dumfries Dental Arts for teeth that look natural and fit comfortably. Our practice has a special offer for dentures.

Your Comfort Means Everything to Our Denture Dentist

Today’s dentures are much improved in appearance and function over the replacement teeth people used to wear. Come to our dentist for a custom denture that feels just like your real teeth.

We are very methodical about ensuring that your dentures are comfortable feeling and natural looking. Our cosmetic dentist checks the fit multiple times before we send X-rays and impressions of your teeth to the lab to be made. When they arrive, we check them over and over again until you and we are satisfied with your replacement teeth.

Woman Smiling in Dumfries, VA

Custom Denture Restores Appearance & Health

Missing teeth jeopardize your dental health, whether you have lost one or all of your natural teeth. Your mouth is used to having 32 of those pearly whites. When that number is reduced, your gums and bones compensate. With gaps in your smile, your teeth shift in your mouth, creating problems with your bite. The skin and muscles on your face sag and you lose bone in your jaw.

As a result of missing teeth, you find it difficult to eat hard and chewy foods and your speech is impaired. Plus, your appearance is altered and you look years older than you really are. Restore your appeal and your health with a custom denture from our practice.

Partial Dentures for Partial Tooth Loss

You may be missing some, but not all, of your teeth. You still need replacement teeth, so opt for partial dentures to protect your oral health. It is our practice to save your natural teeth so we do not remove teeth that are healthy. A partial denture is a great way to replace any missing teeth that you have and enjoy all the benefits of a full set of teeth. We also provide replacement dentures when you need new ones and repair your current set.

Denture Implants Lend Stability

Sometimes, people with missing teeth want the stability of an implant, but the convenience of a denture. The answer is denture implants. These are dentures that are attached to dental implants. You take them out nightly for cleaning and sleeping and attach them daily to your implants. We can fit you with denture implants for your upper or lower jaw, but many of our patients prefer them for the lower jaw. Talk with our dentist to find out if denture implants are right for you.

Contact us today for affordable dentures that fit comfortably. Our dental practice serves patients in Dumfries, Woodbridge, Triangle, Montclair, and Quantico, Virginia.

Denture per Arch $999 ($1,784 per Arch Value)