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Root Canals in Dumfries, VA

Do not be afraid of root canals in Dumfries, VA. This treatment actually saves teeth, while eliminating the terrible pain caused by an infection or abscess. Rely on the dentist at Dumfries Dental Arts for gentle treatment during your root canal. This procedure is one of his dental specialties.

Damaged Pulp Requires Root Canal Therapy

Our root canal dentist has more than 15 years of experience in caring for the teeth of his patients, as well as a dental degree and advanced dental education. Over the course of his career, he has treated a great many patients with root canal therapy.

The root of the problem begins when the pulp deep inside a tooth becomes damaged. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.  The damage causes the pulp to break down and bacteria to grow, which turns into an infection or abscess. This becomes extremely painful for a patient and often requires emergency treatment.

 When you suspect you may require a root canal procedure, call our office. After hours, use our emergency phone line. One of our professionals can tell you if you need to see our family dentist right away for treatment.

Patient and Dentist in Dumfries, VA

Root Canal Dentist Works to Save Your Tooth

The purpose of a root canal is two-fold: One, to save as much of your natural tooth as possible and two, to stop the pain. In fact, the discomfort you may experience during a root canal is much less than the suffering you undergo with an infected tooth.

Let us relieve your suffering in just one visit. First, our dentist must drill a tiny hole in the problem tooth to remove the infection and decay. He uses a number of files to clean the inside of your tooth, flushing away the debris. Once the tooth is clean, medicine is applied to take care of the infection and your tooth is sealed. After that, you likely require a crown on the damaged tooth.

Root Canal Therapy Ends with Restoration

A root canal procedure does not end with sealing the tooth. This is not enough to protect and strengthen your tooth. Expect our dentist to continue treatment by restoring your tooth, which usually involves getting a crown. A crown is a cap that fits over the damaged tooth and serves as a strong and protective outer covering.

Contact us today for root canal treatment that stops tooth pain. Our dental practice serves patients in Dumfries, Woodbridge, Triangle, Montclair, and Quantico, Virginia.